About Our Marijuana Vape

Our site is committed to offering the only line flavored marijuana e juice flavors for marijuana smokers who also enjoy vaping products. Our unique combination of fruity flavors and the taste of marijuana flavored infused e liquids is the perfect bitter sweet vape experience you will love.

We are a vaping company with 8+ years in the vaping industry and dominating local and online stores but with this particular online vape store we are strictly committed in offering only marijuana vapor with unique infused fruity flavors. Our team has put in years developing these line of flavors so that our customers are getting close to the real deal as possible but without all the crazy stuff found in actual marijuana smoke.

What’s In Our Marijuana Vape?

Our whole line marijuana vape is just that, Vape only meaning there is no THC, Nicotine or CBD in our e juices we make just simply time tested flavored marijuana infused flavored vapes to give you the taste, smell and clouds that resembles the real stuff.

Will This Get Me High?

The simple answer is NO, Our vape line is designed for flavored vaping only, This means that your only vaping for the pleasant taste marijuana smokers enjoy and are for those who already vape and want a unique flavor there use to as a marijuana smoker, Our vape products is a good fit for vapers looking to change from the boring menthol or fruity flavors you usually buy at your local vape shop or people just looking to vape in between cannabis use.

We have 15 flavors of marijuana flavored e-liquids that are time tested and approved to be the closest resemblance then you can possibly buy online, Try one or try them all and see for yourself why we are the only company for your vape juice needs.